Meet Philosopher Jones

Philosopher Jones, or Philo, is my 15yro long-hair black cat. 🖤 (Black cats are my favorite kind of cats, …probably because my first cat, Alfador, was a black cat…)

I’ve had Philo since he was 2yro…

I found him and his brother, Loki, in a cage at Petco.


My boyfriend-at-the-time refused to have cats unless they were declawed—and I’d yet to develop enough of a spine to tell him that 💩 was effed—so when I came by two declawed boys, eyes wide and gold, ready for a home, well that was 🦆ing that.


Both of them were extraordinarily cuddly, yet they were also the most destructive young male cats…


Loki was the sort of folk who’d make eye contact with you as he pushed a glass off the kitchen counter.


Philo chewed every drawstring, shoelace, and ribbon in the house. He also chewed the gazillion toys I bought him,…to stop him from chewing everything in the house;


I gave Philosopher Jones the name “Philo” because I thought he looked very wise, especially as he kneaded soft blankets; then my sister later tagged on the name “Jones,” as she sang Indiana Jones songs to him, playing with him, loving his vibe.


Philosopher Jones ❤s chin scratches…


But for whatever reason, he only lets like 50% of people pet him.

I love his moodiness, even though I try to discourage him from being selective.

And he and I miss his brother dearly—we lost Loki a few years ago to cancer (and I’m still under the heavyweight of those veterinarian bills… paying off that credit card is part of why I’m trying to monetize my blogs).

Philosopher Jones on Instagram…


Philosopher Jones on YouTube…


He’s the 🦅alpha🦅 of our household…

At least, I keep trying to tell Chase that’s how he perceives his status… 🦁



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