Fictional Kitty Tech from the Distant Future: Typhoon Tycoons

A fictional technology. Blueprints shared by the cat overlords from Feline Society #337.

The businessmen who operate the intergalactic teleportation stations at the center of supermassive black holes are called Star Stuffers or Typhoon Tycoons, depending on where you go.

The Local Group has three stations:

  1. the One Ring (Milky Way),
  2. Dancer (Andromeda), and
  3. Neko (Dwarf Galaxies).
  • Ultralight amounts of energy, needed to power Superdysons and Hyperdysons, is also through Typhoon Tycoons, but only in Andromeda, where they’ve learned to slingshot dead worlds into a black hole’s orbit to create something out of near-nothing.
  • Regular ol’ Dyson spheres, (or Earth tech,) needs only a pulsar spin, which can be harvested from smaller masses, such as asteroids; yet even these smaller sources require the gravitational pull of a moderately sized black hole to optimize potential energy.

Want to read more about Feline Society #337?

Check out my Wattpad story, American Catseye.

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