Conversation with Phoebe

Sometimes I think about recording human-to-cat conversations. For instance.

This Morning

Phoebe and I were sitting together on the bed. I wanted to give her a good-bye pet before I left to lecture at Clovis Community College (I teach English there right now).


“Hey Keeten, am I going to have a good day today?”




“How about an okay day, then?”



It was an okay meow.

Later in the Day

After I came home, and opened WordPress to work on my blogs, (because I made a commitment to reach an ending point with my WordPresses and Wattpads before starting more online projects,) Phoebe jumped up on the computer chair, reminding me about (a) our previous conversation, and (b) my intention to record our previous conversation. As I typed this blog entry, the following ensued.


“Hey Keeten, I had an okay day today!”


Slow eye blink. “Mrrrow.”


“Did you have a good day?”


Licks herself.


“Did you have an…okay day…?”



It was an excited meow.


I’m not done with American CatseyeI felt overwhelmed updating so many projects, so I decided to focus on A Shapeshifter, Cyborg, & WispThen school started, and I stopped updating that Wattpad project as frequently, too.

I plan on finishing A Shapeshifter, Cyborg, & Wisp before summer. American Catseye will be next, followed by Emergence No. 7. Hopefully I can finish all my current Wattpad projects by the end of 2019. :o)

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